China Links can help you with the organization and supervision of company visits; interpreting; written translations; China consultancy and communication assistance.

Organisation and supervision of company visits

Would you like to visit a supplier, customer, trade fair or organization in China? Or do you receive a Chinese business relation in the Netherlands?
If you are unable or unwilling to organize everything yourself, China Links will be happy to help you draw up a travel plan, coordinate this with your Chinese business partner, and accompany you!

Written translations

Would you like to communicate through English/Dutch with your existing and/or new contacts in China? Then you can rest assured that your message will be properly conveyed by China Links!

Or do you need a translation for your brochure, website, business card, company presentation, promotional video subtitling/voice-over, diploma, deed, statutes, summons, family booklet (hukou)? China Links will arrange it for you.

On-site interpreting and language assistance

Do you need someone on location who can properly interpret the Chinese language and culture for you?

Or would you like to have an interpreter available during your appointment with Chinese contacts, to avoid misinterpretations due to language and culture? Then China Links can be present, to ensure that you and the other understand each other well.

Or would you like an interpreter for a company visit, delegation reception, video conference/zoom meeting, court hearing, speech, IND hearing, etc?
No problem.

China consultancy and contact mediation

Are you looking for a manufacturer or supplier in China? Or have you found a company but would you like to have a first company check done? Or are you looking for a representative/contact person/agent for your product or service in China?

China Links can support you with a wide network of partners and contacts in China. Contact us to discuss how we can be of service to you.