Who is China Links?

We believe that China and the West can learn a lot from each other and complement each other. This takes effort, empathy, tolerance and trust, but we believe that the synergy of East and West leads to creativity and innovation, simply because you look at things from a different perspective. China Links helps to make your communication with your Chinese contacts as smooth as possible. We love being able to help bridge language and cultural barriers, and stimulate the transformation from xenophobia to curiosity of the other culture. We do this by coordinating and accompanying business trips, company visits, and training courses in the Netherlands and China. We assist you in your communication with China from A to Z.

We strengthen your China Links!


After studying Commercial Economics in Venlo, Chinese Languages and Cultures at the University of Leiden and Peking University in Beijing, Tom has become very familiar and proficient with the Chinese language and (business) culture through various positions and contacts.

In his last year of China Studies, he was asked by Leiden University to teach Chinese as a teacher and to coordinate the Chinese guest teacher team. After graduation, he set up a China desk for a business travel agency and organized and supervised business trips to and from China. Later he left for Beijing, for a position at the economic section of the Dutch Embassy in China. There he helped Dutch companies on their way in China and vice versa. He provided statistical insight into business issues about doing business in China, and coordinated embassy projects related to Corporate Social Responsibility in China. Later Tom joined a Sino-Dutch law firm. With the Dutch director and a team of specialists, he visited the Chinese branch offices in the most economically important regions of China, to give presentations and workshops on investing in Europe and to map out investment wishes of Chinese entrepreneurs who wanted to come to Europe.

In 2012, Tom returned to the Netherlands for a Chinese employer to coordinate communication between their European headquarters in Amsterdam and headquarters in China. Due to the increasing demand for organization or guidance of company visits by Dutch and Chinese companies, he founded China Links in 2013 with partner Yuan.


Yuan studied Classical Chinese Literature at Jilin University and worked as a journalist and later as a media manager at the Beijing Conservatory. Here she organized press conferences, meetings and concerts. After an intensive language study at the University of Amsterdam and Dutch Studies at Leiden University, she writes articles as a freelance journalist for Dutch and Chinese media. Yuan also masters the English and Japanese language, and with her excellent sense of communication she can work well together in an international atmosphere. Tom and Yuan are the team of China Links in the Netherlands. In addition, China Links has a network of cooperation partners in Europe and China.